Yacht Management

Yacht Management

BUTO YACHT yacht management

BUTO YACHT yacht management includes:

  • Operational management: organization of summer/winter parking, port/customs clearance; berths reservations; interaction with marinas, agents, shipyards and subcontractors; routes working out, supply of food and drinks onboard, order of guide/florist/photographers services, booking the restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and other entertainments; interaction between the yacht owner and crewmembers; selection of optimal insurance variant for yacht and crewmembers; yacht promotion on the charter market (in case of yacht renting); organization of transfers and other services basing on clients request.
  • Crewing management: formation of the crew, candidates proficiency examination; provision of receiving the licenses and medical certificates by the crewmembers; work quality control, observing work discipline, organization of training and qualification rising.
  • Technical Management: yacht equipping; preparation for winter/summer season, organization of repair and refit and quality control of the works realized; settlement of all questions with yacht manufacturers connected to organization and execution of warranty repairs, also during the post warranty period; organization of yacht transportation; organization of survey and classification society timely inspections; regular inspection of the vessel and onboard equipment condition including operation effectiveness evaluation.
  • Financial Management: drawing up the annual budget for yacht keeping; monthly plans and actual expenses reports; payment of current invoices in accordance to expenses plan for the yacht keeping confirmed by owner; reasonability of expenses control.

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