Winter Yacht Storage

Winter Yacht Storage

Cold months of the year are dangerous for your yacht by their unpredictability. Frequent variations of temperature, biting frosts and exceeded humidity during thaw periods cause damage to the yacht, which is discovered during exploitation in the next season.

That is why correct yacht winter storage is so important. We do not recommend storing your yacht during winter outside as low temperatures and temperature variations typical for this region adversely affect high priced yachts.

The optimal solution is safe yacht storage in a warm boatshed. On our shipyard there are specialized, modern, heated and secured boatsheds available with total area more than 4000 sq.m, where it is possible to accommodate yachts with hull length till 50 m and displacement till 300 tones. Our experienced qualified specialists conduct yacht lifting operations on lifting to the boatshed and setting afloat. The boatsheds are equipped with all engineering systems and utilities: heating, water supply, dust extraction, ventilation, 220/380 V, video surveillance, also fire and security alarm, for maximum protection of your yacht. We do also dispose required equipment and facilities (technological scaffolding, etc.). In the boatsheds optimal intermediate humidity and constant temperature above +5°С are maintained. As a minimum in spring you will receive your yacht in the same condition in what you left her in the past season, escaping expenses due to sudden breakdowns.

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Nevertheless, winter season months are perfect for scheduled repair works and yacht refit. BUTO YACHT qualified specialists will produce necessary hull, deck, mechanical and electromechanical works, as well as interior works, take care about correct storage and preparation for navigation and setting afloat in new season. Learn more about types of works in section Repair.

Moreover, we dispose unique self-moving boatshed also equipped with all engineering systems and utilities mentioned above. In this specialized boatshed refit and repair of yachts with hull length till 50 m and height till 20 m is conducted. Such solution allows conducting hull works in isolation of yachts left for storage.

Let us take care about your yacht safety in the winter period. And come back to us in spring to enjoy wind and sea on your yacht in full measure again.